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St Anthony's Friary

The client of this project had only asked for an expansion to an elevator for a retirement Friary in New Jersey. Rather than propose the bare minimum, JAHarchitects went to solve problems beyond the initial request. The Design added a fire rated stair as the existing building did not have one, in doing so where the stair connects to each level a balcony is created offering views out to the mountains in the distance. The doors on every level of the stair are on a magnetic hold and are pocketed in the wall to give the appearance of openness to the outside. At the top of the stairs are exposed wooden trusses. Not only do the balconies provide views out but also function as a structural element creating a sort of flying buttress to stiffen the thin tower. In addition to functioning as emergency egress the stairs are also a form of fitness for the residents who even having the choice of taking an elevator, choose to take the stairs. The elevators location was chosen in order to have the greatest functionality to the residents by having a direct connection to the parking below via a tunnel. 

Noticing that there was a lack of interaction between the neighborhood and the church JAHarchitects sought to find a way to create a connection to the neighborhood by creation of a herb garden. 

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St Anthony's Catholic Church




Butler, NJ



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