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Brown Residence

Approaching the home from the driveway, passing glass garage doors, the concrete entry steps cross diagonally over a natural pond gaining relief from the elements via a large suspended glass covered overhang.

The double-height entrance provides an unencumbered and direct view to the six foot tall waterfall feature in the backyard pool, guided by the 10’ wide continuous wood ceiling from outside to inside to back outside. Once in the residence, natural light floods the upstairs and downstairs from the eighty linear feet of continuous clerestory windows.

In addition, built-in aluminum pergolas allow filtered sunlight along both the front and rear spacious terraces providing a dancing array of sunshine and shadows. The roof contains the capacity for up to 70,000 watts of photo-voltaic panels which feed directly back into the power grid to achieve a net-zero energy annual reading. The continuity of material and datum in the home blends modern lines with warm earth elements. This contrast facilitates a contemporary, yet traditionally comfortable home.

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Tampa, FL



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