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Tuscan Style Home

The concept of an exterior courtyard as the organizing element into which all spaces lead drove the design of this project. Beginning at the entrance one experiences the courtyard spaces through out the full extent of the house. Flanking the sides and connected by a monumental stair are the master suite and kitchen. The Large kitchen and courtyard space blend together interior and exterior balconies ritually lead the occupants outward to experience the spaces as a whole. Program living spaces, functioning as living extensions to the home. Two-car Garage that is not a visual focus from the design opportunities such as balconies view to the backyard and stairway vistas to interior spaces. Guest bedroom and private bath master bedroom and private bath two bedrooms with a shared bathroom . Half bath minimum downstairs exercise room laundry closes av accommodations and family room. Pool and accessories functions, well appointed kitchen. 

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Tampa, FL



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